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Contact Info & Guidelines



Contact Information:


Submission Guidelines & Rules:


Submisson Guidelines:

If you would like to add a site to the Writer's e-Source Directory, please e-mail me with your suggestion.  There is a submit-a-site button on the bottom of each category page, and if you click on the button you can generate an e-mail to Please type "link submission" in the subject line, and if possible include the category you would like the link placed in. Make sure to provide the URL for your suggested link, and your e-mail address as well.

If the link is good enough and has no specific category, I can also create extra pages to fill the need!



  • No pornographic sites will be accepted.
  • Please refrain from suggesting sites that are dominated by marketing.
  • Sites will be added on the basis of their relation to writing and author resources.
  • The cut-off date for link submissions will be the 20th of every month.



Link to Writer's e-Source Directory:

To link to the Writer's e-Source Directory, copy one of the graphics below to your computer. Add the graphic onto your web site, and link the picture to:
I hope to develop some HTML links in the near future!

Writer's e-Source Directory


*scattered books logo courtesy of Denise Michel*

Link Adjustments (August 2002):

On July 18th, I did a complete link check of all sites listed on the Directory. If you have been looking for a particular site and the link was broken, it should now be fixed. Some links had simply changed their URL, and I was able to fix these as well. Deleted links are listed separately, and these were eliminated for one of the following reasons: the site was under eternal construction, the web page had moved leaving no forwarding link, or the site had ceased operating entirely. So, in other words, I have fixed the broken links and deleted the dead ones!

Fixed Links:

  • National Writer's Union (Agencies)
  • Bowl Of Writer's Cereal (Author Resources)
  • Global Scape (Computer Software for Authors)
  • Rough Draft (Computer Software for Authors)
  • E-Books Cafe (E-Book Listing Sites)
  • Compulsive Reader (Publishing Info)
  • Happy Times News (Publishing Info)
  • Raven Chronicles (Publishing Info)
  • Readers Digest (Publishing Info)
  • Digital Studio (Web Tools)
  • Tripod (Other Useful Sites)
  • Bat Memes (Other Useful Sites)

Deleted Links:

  • E-Book Junction (Author Resources)
  • Print Screen Works (Computer Software for Authors)
  • Action Tales (Forums & Organizations)
  • Rambling Writer (Forums & Organizations)
  • Revolution Books (Forums & Organizations)
  • Writer's Manual (Forums & Organizations)
  • All About E-Books (Publishing Info)
  • Treeless Press (Publishing Info)
  • New Writer's Market (Publishing Info)
  • Story Shaper (Publishing Info)
  • Unhinged (Publishing Info)
  • Story Weavers Book Reviews (Review Sites)
  • Bisman's Free Web Graphics (Web Tools)
  • PDA Bookstore (Other Useful Sites)