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Other Useful Sites (Misc)

other useful sites (misc)

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There are always those sites that dont seem to have a particular category, but they are useful just the same. The following are some sites I have found very beneficial not only with writing and research, but for general knowledge as well.


A Book Or A Game: Nice site where you can find books or games (new, used, rare and collectable). Housed in Spokane, Washington (where I live), this site is mainly just for fun, although it could be useful if you're looking for reference material (used books). Or simply take a break and play a game!

A Good Read: Find free e-book downloads, e-cards, a CD page, articles and a links page.

Abe Books:  This web site has helped me tremendously over the last year. If you are looking for a used, out-of-print and rare book, you will more than likely find it here. Abe Books lists 9,000 independent book dealers, and you can search for your book by author, title or keyword (or all three). I have ordered about ten books (from different dealers) over the last 12 months, and needless to say I was very happy with this site and its service. I found every book I was looking for, and at a reasonable price. Every book I have received has been in excellent condition, and most of the dealers accept money orders. Other topics at Abe Books include Books on Film; the Reading Room; Featured Titles; the Abe Library; Bookseller Profiles; and an Affiliate Program section. Abe Books recently acquired "Just Books" as well. To read more, take a look at this site!

Absolute Trivia: The totally Trivia search engine. There are more than 20,000 facts (updated daily). This could be a great research tool!

Acronym Database: Cute site with acronym definitions.

Ambermont Magazine: Professional magazine offering Fantasy, Adventure, RPG, PC Games, Stories, Reviews, Books, Art and Jokes. Submit your personal information and you could be eligible to send in your work for consideration. I read an edition of the magazine, and it is put together very well.

Auntie's Book Store: This is a great online bookstore (that also just happens to be in my own state of Washington). Browse through the books, games, specials, collectibles and events. There are also used and rare books, and what they don't have, they can order for you!

Bat Memes: This is a very odd computer utility that claims to be a "digital pixie." Whatever the case, this program performs shape-shifting of the written word using Oulipo, Strange Attractors, and Ogham Numerology. Supposedly, the program uncovers novel meanings with rhymes, psycholinguistics, DNA and spatial distortions. HUH??? Anyway, I thought this was definitely different, so here it is!

Book Finder: Find any book! This site specializes in out-of-print books, and they have listings from 40,000 booksellers.

Book Surge: Digital bookstore selling titles of all publishers and authors in both POD paperback and e-book formats. One of their affiliates is R.R. Bowker. In order to have your book listed and sold from Book Surge, you have to pay a one-time fee of $99 (for ready-print files), or $199 (if the title has to be formatted to their distribution specs).

Book Wave: Web site offering free e-books in contemporary fiction and classics. This site also has some good links (Favorite Sites).

Creative Communications: Journal workshop and free tips on journal writing.

Crones Unlimited: This site publishes poetry, adult prose and children's stories by crones and sages. Their mission is to honor mature authors by offering a vehicle for self-expression. Very offbeat site, but very interesting.

Hopcott: Vast site with information on audio books, novels, novellas, short stories, free e-books and magazine links. See for yourself!

Irish Storyteller:  This web site is very slow to load, but there is a lot of Irish-related information here. Some of the categories include Celtic Legends, Irish Chieftains, Traditions, Irish Poetry, and how "Eire" got its name. The LINKS section contains more information about Irish Music, places, flags, the language, Children of Ireland, Celtic mysteries, ghost stories and Ancient Ireland.

Kuro5hin: Pronounced corrosion. Very eclectic site dubbed "technology and culture from the trenches."  Submit articles here about any subject you like, and the reader's decided if your work gets posted on the site or not. You need to register for an account to submit articles, but this is free.

Legal Survival.Com: A web site where you can search their database for the answers to your legal questions. There is a wide range of topics, and other pages such as Find An Attorney, Investigative Services, Checklists and Links. They also have a newsletter. I couldn't find a price tag on simple legal questions.

Mystical Unicorn:  This web site is an on-line used bookstore, and the categories here are very useful. Sections of Mystical Unicorn include the Bookstore; Bibliographies; Author Pseudonyms; Author Web pages; a book search service, and other on-line bookstores. In doing my classic book reviews, I have often found the information I was looking for about authors here. It's also a fun browse!

Newslink: This site has a listing of business newspapers in the United States, but if you go to Resources, you will be sent to a page with news services, journalism organizations, new media newsletters, search tools and starting points for journalists. There are simply a slew of useful links on this page, and the web sites that follow these. You could end up spending a lot of time here!

Online Dictionary: This site is exactly what it says - a dictionary! There is a feature for grammar and language, a Thesaurus, Writing Resources, Cool Tools, a Translator, and foreign language dictionaries. Look up a word in the dictionary or Thesaurus search engine!

Open An E-Book: Site with information on devices and software for e-books, definitions of e-books and the latest e-book news. There are some great links on the Resources & Links page.

Pacific Island Books: Collection of books from and about the Pacific Islands (Kiribati, Niue, Tuvalu, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hawaii).

Refdesk.Com: Resource for facts on the net. The mission statement here is to provide one source for information on the internet; a central place for books, artifacts, images, documents, maps, etc. The content is indexed for reference material, encyclopedia, Fast Facts, a search engine, and quick reference.

Saga Books: Celtic fiction. Wonderful site!

Script Sales: This site contains information about writing for Hollywood. There is an Agency List, Contests, Examples, Fundamentals, Law Firms, a Chat Room, a newsletter, books, columns, interviews, software and more.

Web Writers Workshop: If you write for the web, you can find every topic under the sun here. Interesting site!

Zine Market: This site is a self-proclaimed meeting point for publishers, writers, readers and advertisers. If you have an e-zine, you can add your listing here, and/or submit an article for free (in exchange for an ad placed in your e-zine), or pay a $7.50 registration fee.


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