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Link Letter

September 2002/Edition #6

Link Letter

Greetings fellow authors!

As you can probably tell, I am rather partial to web tools. I think every little bit helps! While not all of us have web sites, those of us who do appreciate all the free utilities available to give out sites that extra special effect. Not only that, there are several links under the Web Tools category that assist with adding graphics to web pages, editing HTML and just about everything under the sun. Put me in front of a computer and I'll either write or start figuring a new program!

Late last month I downloaded the free utility Gadwin Print Screen. I love this new treasure on my desktop because it enables me to re-size and save any JPEG images I create or already have on my computer. I design my own book covers suing my scanner program Paper Port, and I am never satisfied with the size or clarity of the images no matter how often I adjust the settings. With Gadwin Print Screen, I'm able to open the book cover file and select the parts of the image I want. Then I can save it under six different image types, and to my size specifications. This program works very well, and I would recommended it to anyone! Besides, it's free and only takes about five minutes to download! The utility also has more features, and you can program the function keys to your specific task.

* * * * *

New Site Listings:

Many new links have been added to the Writer's e-Source Directory for the month of September. I've tried it list them all below, and please let me know if I missed you!

AGENTS: This new category is starting off with some varied links: Abacus Group Literary Agency, Adler & Robin, Agent Research & Evaluation, Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc (AAR), Gail Ross Literary Agency, Gem Literary Agency, Guide to Literary Agents, Jane Dystel Literary Management, 3-Seas Literary Agency and U.S. Literary Agents.

AUTHOR RESOURCES: This category is a bit generalized, but basically features sites very similar to the Directory. The additions for September are: Biography.Com, Copyright Bay, New Writers.Com, Picture Books & Art, The Book Sage, The Creative Cauldron, The Write Idea, Write Bytes, Write Link, Writer's Crossing and Writer's Monthly.

AUTHORS WEB SITES: Three new authors have been listed for September, and they are: Eloise Barton, J.M. Fox and Samuel E. Stone. Welcome to all of you!

BOOK COVERS: This new page includes Archer Graphics, Blue Mammoth Design, Book Cover Express, Cover Factory, Crystal Moon Design, Ariana Overton, and Watchmaker Publishing & Design.

BOOK SHELF: The new additions for September are Howling Bloody Murder by Sue Owens Wright, and my children's short story called Foofer Gets Groomed (written as D.A. O'Toole).

COMPUTER SOFTWARE FOR AUTHORS: New sites for September include Gymnast and Reminder.

E-BOOK LISTING SITES: Military Download Library. This site provides e-book downloads in a variety of genres for American military personnel stationed overseas. E-books added are done so as donations.

FORUMS & ORGANIZATIONS: If you like being part of a writing community, you need to check these sites out: All from Obscurity, Editorial Freelancers Association, Rejection Collection, Rosedog Showcase, Write Today and Writers Services.

PUBLISHING INFORMATION: This page has been broken down into three sub-categories, and the September links include:

General: Bardsong Press and Pineapple Path LLC.

Magazines/Short Stories: All-Story, Chicken Soup for the Caregivers Soul, Christmas in the Country, Dream Forge WebZine, e-Commerce Times, Fables, Frontier Airlines Magazine, Logon Internet News, Rainy Day Corner, The Harrow, the Writer Magazine, and Twin Cities Magazine.

REVIEW SITES: New for September: The Mystery Review.

WEB TOOLS: New links for September: Absolute Web Graphics Archive, Accelerate, Font Twister, G-Lock Software, Gadwin Print Screen, IDP Free Software, Made by Mary, Maiden Fair's Castle Graphics, MW Snap, Online Web Creations, Switch Off, and Uninstall Ability.

WRITING JOBS/FREELANCE: Dog & Kennel Magazine, Natural Home Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and Write On Time.

OTHER USEFUL SITES (Misc): Book Wave and Open An E-Book.

* * * * *

Bits & Pieces:

I would like to remind all of you to carefully read the submission guidelines page of any site you might visit. While a lot of the links I have listed are free to utilize, some of them are not and you need to read the fine print!

I have changed the cut-off date of link submissions to the 20th of every month. I hope this sits well with all of you, but I found it necessary to change the date so I could get the links added correctly. While Tripod has been a wonderful web host, they have been known to have "technical" troubles now and then, and I didn't want to be in the middle of updating at the end of the month and have the big freeze! Cutting the link submissions off by the 20th gives me a few extra days to get the site updated (with a few to spare in case of "technical" trouble).

Next month, there will be a fresh e-Interview with author Sue Owens Wright (Howling Bloody Murder, now listed on the Book Shelf  page). Please check back when October rolls around!

I want to thank Denise Michel from the Military Download Library for her graphic rendering of the Writer's e-Source Directory logo. She was kind enough to add a link on the military download site to the Directory, and she was designed her own logo with the scattered books image I have used frequently at this site. I love the logo (better than any I have ever designed!), and it's on display on the Contact Info & Guidelines page under the link exchange section.

* * * * *

That about does it for this month. Thanks to all of you for your link suggestions. It is definitely contributing to the success of the Writer's e-Source Directory. Keep those e-mail's coming!

Until next time......

Debby Alviso, Editor