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e-books by debby hunt

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EBooks, reading and writing is what my site is all about (besides the personal stuff about me, of course!). The following links will take you to some of the best sites out there for information and resources on ebooks! Just click on the web site name to take you there.

I'v added some links for fun, too.

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Both EBOOK PALACE and KDH BOOKS are two of the best resources for ebook information: author resources, publishing and advertising.

BIT BOOKS is a digital fiction guide, and has all categories. "Passion Unrequited", "Larkin", and "Fall of the Curtain" are listed here under ROMANCE.

The Author's Den:

If you are an author and you have your own site, this is the perfect place to sign up. Best of all, it's FREE! You will be listed as an author, with your own information page and a listing of your books. You can even add a picture! Give it a whirl - it certainly can't hurt!

Free the Writer:

Based out of Scotland, this web site allows you to upload your finished work for display (after you've been accepted, of course!). I have "Passion Unrequited" here currently, and it is being shown a chapter at a time. This site is very classy and well put-together, and I would definitely suggest a browse here!

Author Point:

This is a great site where authors can showcase their work (or tidbits of it). You can have a page for free; where you can list your accomplishments, a biography, announcements, and mention your writing work as well as "works in progress". This page will read like a resume of sorts, but it's very useful. There are also some great resources here, too.

Directory of EBook Publishers:

This is a very useful site for authors, and the listing of ebook publishers is extensive. The publishers are literally listed from A to Z!! If you are ready to start shopping around for a publisher, this is a good place to start. You can pick and choose, and read about the publishers as well. A sample e-book is usually listed next to the publisher listing.


Exebook is the home of "Exebook Self-Publisher." This is where I got my start with e-books, and the program is so simple to use. The finished e-book is an "executable" file, so you don't need any "reader" programs to open it. All options are included - cover design, font, for "free" or "shareware", and background textures. This program is excellent, and the designer, Yakov Sudeikin, is a sweetheart. A few months ago he even asked me to contribute to the support manual for his program, which I gladly did. Thanks, Yakov!


This is a fairly new site, but it's a great resource for authors. You can sign-up for a literary web site (I have one); which is an informational page about the specific author. There are also literary page links, literary web site listings, literary page promotion and message boards.

E-Books at Goodfiles:

In relation to GOODSOL games, GOODFILES has listings for every category you can imagine. They added the "Electronic Book" category when I submitted "LARKIN". These people are great - as you'll see if you submit to their ebook page. The entire LARKIN TRILOGY is listed here, thanks to Tom Warfield. This site has everything you'll possibly need for your computer, as well!

E-Books & E-Publishing:

This site is loaded with information, and is excellently written by Wendy Butler from "Publishing" at ABOUT.COM. The resouces here are many, and some of them are: data conversion; ebook hardware and software; ebook news; ebook publishers and booksellers; ebook review sites; digital rights; ebook standards and free e-book collections.

Free Web Hosting (Tripod):

If you are looking to start your own web site, the best place to start is at TRIPOD. You get 50 MB of space, step-by-step instructions and your choice of backgrounds. Other features include FTP, web gems, uploading graphics and text, adding sound and adding your own links. Best of all, TRIPOD web hosting is FREE!!

Media Register:

At this site, you can timestamp your work for FREE, up to 5 MB. This is not an actual copyright, but a media registration system that is valid for 10 years after the initial timestamp. This porcess provides tamperproof documentation of your work. Not only can you timestamp e-books, you can submit poetry and "midi" files as well.

U.S. Copyright Office:

This government site provides information on copyrighting your work, as well as registration procedures and forms.

ISBN U.S. Agency:

ISBN (International Standard Book Number), is a 10-digit number that identifies books that are published internationally. These numbers are used to uniquely identify one specific title. The minimum number of ISBN's you can buy are 10, and the cost is $225. This site explains the procedures and provides the needed forms.

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Other Sites by Debby Hunt:

I also have two other sites I update regularly.

The first site is more of a fun place, and it's all about cooking (dog food, too!). Currently, MONACO is the focus for November, and the layout is quite extensive. A lot of research and work went into the piece on Monaco, and I'm proud of it. This site also features other recipes, cooking tips, links, and a whole page devoted to "Foofer" (dog) food! You should check it out, even if you DON'T like to cook! I plan to update this every month with a new ethnic culture. CHRISTMAS-2001 is next (in December), where I will combine all of the cultures I have written about, and detail their holiday traditions and food.

Just recently, Foofer decided he wanted his own site, so of course he's gotten his way! It's called "Foofer's Den", and while not very large, you just might find it entertaining. There are eleven links here that you might find useful as well.

Click on the links below to get you there!

Savorys by Shenanchie

Foofer's Den

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I like looking around the web for fun, and I love playing solitaire games on my computer. I've accumulated quite a collection of programs in the last two years! Some of these programs, like SOLSUITE and GOODSOL, update frequently, so I look at these sites about every two weeks.

The following are links to these sites (click on the title to take you there); and they will lead you to more game resources as well:

Solsuite/Tree Card Games:


This one program contains 300 variations of solitaire, and it's one of the best you can download and own! Good play and very nice graphics.

Goodsol Games:

Goodsol Games

This site is home to PRETTY GOOD SOLITAIRE (with 400 solitaire variations, and a "Wizard" feature that allows you to create your own games). Other solitaire programs at Goodsol are: FREECELL, SPIDER WIZARD, SOLITAIRE WIZARD, FREE SOLITAIRE, SOLITAIRE PLUS, ABSOLUTE YUKON (my favorite), 21 SOLITAIRE and POKER SOLITAIRE.

Hardwood Games:

Hardwood Solitaire

This site has four game programs, and I have three of them. They are: HARDWOOD SOLITAIRE, HARDWOOD HEARTS and HARDWOOD SPADES. The new one is HARDWODD EUCHRE, and I'm toying with getting this one as well. There is a medieval theme running through all the games, with great midi music and excellent graphics.

Mike's Cards:

Mike's Cards Logo

Mike Sedore has one of the best game program's on the Internet ("MIKE'S CARDS" has 142 card games), plus he is a very funny guy! Mike has just released his new game program, "Mike's Marbles." This game is fantastic, and it's VERY addictive!

Mike is working on ANOTHER new game; so keep your eyes peeled to his site in the near future. It's bound to be a winner!

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If you are looking for something good to read, don't forget to click the links below to download "PASSION UNREQUITED", "LARKIN" and "FALL OF THE CURTAIN"!!

And don't forget THE BARBAROSA CHRONICLES, which now includes "Foofer and the Ham Bone" & "Foofer Goes East"


Download "LARKIN"