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EBooks by Debby Hunt:

Flying Off the Shelf

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The LARKIN TRILOGY includes the following e-books:

Passion Unrequited
Fall of the Curtain

The three ebooks in the LARKIN TRILOGY detail
the lives of the O'Larkin and Sullivan families
of Larkin, Maine. These ebooks cover a time span
of over one hundred years (beginning in 1865 and
ending in 1995), and throughout the entire saga,
these two families remain interwoven.

Through generations of obsession and unrequited
love, and even murder, the author writes in her
romantic-fiction style detailing each character
in rich description and realism. You will grow to
love - as well as hate - some of the main characters
in these ebooks, and the author has remained accurate
and authentic when detailing different generations
in time.

If you like romance, drama, suspense and a gothic
feel, you will love these ebooks. It also helps if
you like (or rather, don't mind), a bit of swearing,
some sex, violence and murder, and of course,
obsessive chatacters!


Other Books by Debby Hunt:

The *Barbarosa* Chronicles

*"Barbarosa" is the birth name of my pooch,
Foofer. So, if you were looking for a Willie
Nelson and Gary Busey movie titled "Barbarosa,"
you've come to the wrong place! But, if you would
like to read the ebooks in the series, please see
the bottom of this page. Or click on "The Barbarosa
Chronicles" link above to take you to a special page
I have made for these ebooks!*

Foofer and the Ham Bone
(written as D.A. O'Toole)

Foofer Goes East
(written as D.A. O'Toole)

Download PASSION UNREQUITED by Debby Hunt

by Debby Hunt
(click on book cover to download)

*This ebook is FREE*

"Passion Unrequited" is the first part of the LARKIN TRILOGY, and it details the lives of the O'Larkin and Sullivan families of Larkin, Maine. The story is set in 1865-1920, and tells of the dramtic romance between Molly O'Larkin and Colm Sullivan. It is the beginning of the lasting ties between the two families. One that would ultimately last for generations.

Molly O'Larkin was the only daughter of John O'Larkin, the founder of his self-named city in Maine. When John hired a keeper for his new lighthouse - Colm Sullivan - Molly is immediately enchanted by Colm and his perfect physical attributes. Their love affair turns tragic when John O'Larkin discovers the liason and puts a stop to it. But Molly is already pregnant with Colm's twins when John breaks up the affair. To divert a scandal, John forces Colm into an arranged marriage with Maureen Kelly, Molly's Irish maid. When Molly gives birth to twin sons, it is announced that Colm Sullivan and Maureen Kelly are the proud parents.

Molly's conscience is another matter, however. As much as she insists that she doesn't care about the children she gave life to, she is devestated when one of the twin boys dies. She loses her grip on sanity and sinks into a deep depression. Although she had borne the twins, she had never raised them or been exposed to them. After a final meeting with Colm Sullivan in the Banshee Point Lighthouse, Molly chooses the most terrible of paths to end her tortured mind and her existence.

PASSION UNREQUITED is a FREE download, as well as a FREE read. The file size is 711kb, and it takes about three minutes to download.

If you would like to read "Passion Unrequited" as it is being shown on the writing web site, FREE THE WRITER, beginning October 8th, please click on the link below:

"Passion Unrequited" at FREE THE WRITER

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Download LARKIN by Debby Hunt

by Debby Hunt
(Click on book cover to download)

LARKIN is the middle part of the trilogy of the O'Larkin and Sullivan families. Thus begins the obsessive love between Shannon O'Larkin and Mike Sullivan, from the time they were children up until the ending when they are adults. (The bulk of the story is set in 1970-1975). This ebook details how their childhood meeting leads to violence, murder and mental illness. Small clues are also provided to the past between their families, which had started over a century earlier. Mike's obsession with Shannon forces him to kill for her love, and propels his entire life until he can free himself from a mental hospital to see her again. The story of Mike and Shannon ends in tragedy, but yet it will be a rebirth for a new generation.

LARKIN is a FREE download, but it is shareware to read the entire e-book. You can read the first 17 pages for free, but after that you will have to purhcase the reg file through REGSOFT for $10 to open up the rest of the e-book. The file size is 1.1 MB, and it about takes four minutes to download.

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Download FALL OF THE CURTAIN by Debby Hunt

by Debby Hunt
(click on book cover to download)

FALL OF THE CURTAIN is the last part of the LARKIN TRILOGY. This ebook focuses on the present day (1995), and delves deeper into the connections between the O'Larkin and Sullivan families. Mike Sullivan's two sisters, Carly and Sara, appear in this ebook and have interwoven themselves into the O'Larkin family without their knowledge. Carly, known to the family as Carly O'Reilly, had married Liam O'Larkin (Shannon's cousin). Sara Sullivan, while known to the family, changes her looks and somehow manages to find work at the mansion as a maid.

Shannon's daughter, Angie Page, also discovers clues to the past between the two families. Angie is a newspaper writer, and she finds the old journal of Colm Sullivan in the keeper's cottage at the Banshee Point Lighthouse. Colm's journal sheds a lot of light on the history between the Sullivan's and the O'Larkin's, but is also brings up many painful memories for Angie's mother, Shannon. Shannon's emotional state still hinges on troubled thoughts of Mike Sullivan, and Sara Sullivan contributes to Shannon's state of mind through various malicious acts. Shannon's yearly visits to Mike's grave creates tension in her marriage to Scott Page, and her own sanity is threatened by reminders of the past.

A surprise character in this ebook is the appearance of Mike Sullivan's father!!

FALL OF THE CURTAIN is now available for download. This is the largest e-book in the trilogy and is shareware (you can read the first 25 pages for FREE, but in order to read the rest of the ebook, you have to purchase it). Cost for this ebook is $10. There are 1,682 pages in FALL OF THE CURTAIN (in e-book format), and download time is approximately five minutes. (File size is 1.51 MB).

To read more about "Fall of the Curtain", please click on the link below:


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Download FOOFER & THE HAM BONE By D.A. O'Toole (Debby Hunt)

by D.A. O'Toole (aka Debby Hunt)
(click on book cover to download)

*This ebook is FREE*

FOOFER AND THE HAM BONE is my first children's story, and it is writen under the alias "D.A. O'Toole." This ebook was inspired by my pooch, Foofer (naturally!). Foofer certainly provided the real-life entertainment for the story! I adore him! This is a very short tale (27 pages in ebook format), but it is also very entertaining, quaint, and a great chuckle.

FOOFER AND THE HAM BONE is now available for
download from this site. The file size is 631kb,
and it takes about 2 minutes to download! This
ebook is FREE!

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by D.A. O'Toole (aka Debby Hunt)
(click on book cover to download)

*This ebook is FREE*

FOOFER GOES EAST is a charming little tale about Foofer's "road trip" through Wyoming and Colorado with his Mummy and Daddy Wilbert. Learn what Foofer packs when he travels, and read how Foofer discovers about "gangs" and religion as well. You will get some laughs, too, as Wilbert is attacked by a horde of flying red ants!

FOOFER GOES EAST is now available for
download from this site. The file size is
500 KB, and takes about two minutes to
download. This ebook is FREE!

To see Foofer's personal web site, please click on the link below:


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